Uroczystości odbędą się w

piątek, 12go lipca 2019r.

(Friday, July 12, 2019)

16:30 Msza Dziękczynna

(Thanksgiving Mass)

Parafia Chrystusa Króla
  ul. Zaskale 1

30-250 Kraków


18:00 Przyjęcie Weselne z Tańcami

(Reception and Dancing)

Karczma Skansen Smaków

Kryspinów (nad zalewem)

32-060 Liszki



Memorable Days

Dec 11, 2016

How We Met

Helen and Zbyszek met during Polish dance practice and captured each other’s interest after a polka and some fun conversation about… chickens (not pictured, but those are some nice Rocky Mountains).

Bish Jun 2017 Tower
Jan 29, 2017

First Dates

On our first date we broke into a shipyard and on the second we scaled a thirty foot high watchtower in the dark of night. We have since taken the Lord’s Prayer to heart and are no longer trespassing.

Sept 30, 2018

She Said “I Think So”

State of the art speakers, a generator, a guitar, a personalized song played above the waves along our favorite park’s shoreline, and a heartfelt proposal of marriage led to a flabbergasted  “I think so!” followed by a big “YES!”  Then we enjoyed a delicious steak grilled by Zbyszek (the real key to Helen’s heart).

February 1, 2019

They Said “I Do”

The light was fading and the snow was falling as we said our vows in front of our family and friends, and asked God’s blessing on our new union. Our wedding mass and reception took place in the USA, and now we look forward to continuing the celebration in Zbyszek’s homeland.